This is something I’ve been meaning to do for months, ever since I found out about Unfuck Your Habitat. But I’ve been really depressed recently (or rather, my whole life) and it is SO HARD to get started on a mess that penetrates so deeply. Every time I tried to get started, I would get overwhelmed. I don’t know HOW to clean.

But my friend kept saying, “If there’s anything I can do just let me know” and I just thought, there’s nothing. There’s nothing that would make me feel better.

Then the other day I said, “I thought of something you can do.”

So we spent TWO DAYS unfucking my room. Left pictures are before, right pictures are after. We did a really deep clean, too, under the bed is even clean. It’s amazing……


now to keep it that way @_@

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    Inspiration! Time to get cleaning, myself! :D
  8. arcane-laser-hens said: CONGRATULATIONS! you inspire me to want to do this for myself. Good, good job my friend. :)
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    Ok, total inspiration! This is amazing! (Also, so jealous of all the FMA stuff! @_@)